On The Border Case of 4 16 ounce Cafe Style Tortilla Chip Bags
  • On The Border Case of 4 16 ounce Cafe Style Tortilla Chip Bags
  • Nutrition Panel for 16oz Dafe Style On The Border

Cafe Style Tortilla Chips 16oz


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OTB Café Style Tortilla Chips (4/case)


Crispy and Light with a Pinch of Salt! Now with 0g Trans-Fat! Our special blend of select white and yellow corn is whole grain and fashioned into large restaurant style tortilla chips.


Case of 4 OTB 16oz Cafe Style Tortilla Chip Bags

  • Low Sodium
  • Gluten Free
  • 0g Trans Fat
  • No Cholesterol!
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors


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  • SKU: 120161600408
  • Weight: 7 lb.
  • Dimensions: 16in. × 16in. × 16in.

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I love these chips, they taste so good! Love how crispy they are.


Considering I purposely looked up this brand's website in the hopes that I could review these chips says a lot. They're truly the BEST chips I've found in the grocery store. (Quite possibly the best I've had, period.) The price is phenomenal for the quantity you get and the quality of the product itself. I'm going to recommend these chips to everybody!


I am such a HUGE Nacho’s fan, they can ONLY come from a toaster oven, and NEVER “nuked” in a microwave! For a long time I bought “Tostitos Restaurant Style Chips”. I then switched to Costco’s thicker “Kirkland’s Restaurant Style Strips”. The Tostito’s always seemed way too thin for “fully-loaded” nachos, and while the Kirkland’s tasted better and were thick enough not to break, the strips made them too small (especially the many broken ones). But IMO, these “On the Border” chips beat them both hands down. They are much larger than the strips, much thicker than the Tostito’s, and yet still very “airy, light, and crunchy”, with an excellent “restaurant style” taste.


On the Border and in my Stomach!
This are great when you heat in an oven and serve with dip, etc. I love the taste. Enjoy.


Delicious! Tastes like the kind of chips you get at an authentic Mexican restaurant.


These are very light and crispy tortilla chips. Not many crushed ones even though the chips are so crisp. They're addictive!


These chips are great! Better than "name brand" chips for sure!


These taste even better than ones you get in some mexican restaurants!
Taste is fresh,texture is thin,light&crispy.
You will enjoy these alone as well as w/a good salsa.


Almost as good as homeade! Use these when you want that restaurant style chips & salsa or nachos! BIG bag for small $$


Best Restaurant Tortilla Chips - I have been buying them from so many years & my family would not eat any corn chips but on the border. Excellent taste & crispiness. Salt is also very less compare to others in the market. Excellent all the way ...............